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About Waterside Fishery

Passion. Persistence. Perseverance.

We offer two outstanding lakes in the heart of Buckinghamshire. Set in seventeen acres of woodland with the river chess alongside. Open to the general public as a day and night ticket water and for exclusive bookings.
We are a specimen carp water with fish to over 50lb.
We are always investing more money into our fishery to make a more enjoyable experience for everyone. I look forward to seeing on the bank and hearing your thoughts.


The lakes

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Heron Lake

Welcome to Heron lake Waterside!

Our lake is 1.6 acres set in secure grounds of the Chess Valley, Buckinghamshire. We have 65 carp present in the lake with the biggest being 35lb. The lake is booking only with up to 5 people, no day tickets permitted. This lake has an on-site toilet with BBQ and seating area for angler use. The prices are for the whole lake use, not per person.

 - Sunday morning through to Friday morning is £80 per night

- Friday morning through to Sunday morning is a weekend booking and the price for this is £250.

- Week bookings will be Friday to Friday at a cost of £550.

- All bookings to be made through the Facebook page.

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Kingfisher lake

Welcome to Kingfisher situated on the same complex as our Heron lake. The lake is 6 acres in size and has a stock of 110 carp up to 52.8lb, 20 of which are over 30lb. This lake can either be fished on a day ticket or booked exclusively. The prices are per night not per person this can be up to ten anglers and prices are as follows:- Night ticket £23 (whole 24 hours)Lake exclusive prices:- Sunday morning to Friday morning - £220 - Friday to Sunday morning £700 per night - Full week for Friday to Friday is £1500 - Bookings to be made through the Facebook page.





Kingfisher lake

1. No litter take all your rubbish home
2. You can only cast half way
3. No sacking/retaining fish
4. No fires. Raised BBQ's are allowed
5. Otter gate must be shut at all times
6. Main gate must be shut at all times
7. After 3 nights you must move swim (winter ticket)
8. No pop up tents or camping tents
9. 42 inch landing net none smaller
10. Large padded unhooking mats or cradles only
11. No cars on the lake 
12. Respect your fellow anglers
13. Micro barbed hooks only
14. Boilie and pellet only no particles!
15. Pike season is October-end of feb
16. Every angler must have a carp care kit
17. 11.15am pull on on the day of arrival and 10.45am is pull off on the day of departure.
18. No float fishing! carp fishing and pike fishing only
19. We allow dogs but they must be kept on leads!
20. All pike and perch fishing must be done with a wire trace!
21. You can only fish halfway at anytime 
21. All pike /perch fishing must have mat and net

Heron lake

1. No litter take your rubbish home
2. No fires! Raised bbq’s are fine
3. Dogs are allowed but they must be kept on leads
4. Unhooking mats/cradles must be used
5. 42 inch landing net for carp fishing
6. Boilie and pellet only (carp)
7. Carp care kits maybe ust be used
8. No cars on the lake
9. Micro barbed hooks only
10. 7.30am earliest 20.30pm latest you can arrive
11. No keepnets
12. Traces must be used for perch fishing along with nets and mats
13. No sacking retaining of fish.


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